About Dawn Lesley

Dawn Lesley, a professional singer herself, has been in the industry for a number of decades, as both a stage performer and recording artist, working with and supporting a number of very well established acts in both UK and across the world as a lead vocalist and some backing vocal work for a time in New York.


Now a singing teacher, coming up to 18 years, she is passing on her training, experience and expertise to her students, whether beginners or already in the profession.  She also helps speakers!

She is very passionate about her work and her priority is giving the best experience and support to her students. 


We know that listening to music/songs is a beautiful pastime, but learning to sing alone can be difficult, Dawn Lesley helps make learning to sing, both effortless & enjoyable.  

She can provide practical suggestions or advice that can prepare the student/vocalist for auditions & professional singing opportunities.  And as a bonus can provide basic demo recordings, if required by students.